CURACAO a tropical island

The tropical island of Curacao is located north of South America in the Caribbean Sea.


CuraƧao can be reached by direct flights from:

  • USA (Miami, New York)
  • NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam)
  • COLOMBIA (Bogota, Baranquilla)
  • VENEZUELA (Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo)
  • SURINAME (Paramaribo)
  • PANAMA (Panama City)
  • TRINIDAD (Port of Spain)
  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Santo Domingo)
  • JAMAICA (Kingston, Montego Bay)
  • ST. MAARTEN (receives direct flights from: Paris etc)
  • BONAIRE (receives flights from: Quito, Quayaquil (Ecuador), Lima (Peru)
  • ARUBA (receives many direct flights from all around the Americas)

For actual information surf to: Airlines that operate at Curacao Airport

The prime website for information about Curacao: